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.NET environment automation with Powershell

In the upcoming series of short posts, I would like to describe how some common developer tasks in .NET ecosystem can be automated via Powershell.

The list follows:
Create a website on IIS, including creation and usage of self-signed certificate
– Setting Sql Server authentication mode and creating database logins
– Creating a database based on Visual Studio Database Project
– Executing Sql queries
– Calling REST APIs


Sql Server Management Studio cannot edit rows with long text

Today, I found a reason why Sql Server Management Studio refused to edit a row in a table with “String or binary data would be truncated” error. I checked all columns content, and they were perfectly fitting their column definitions; and there were no triggers for that table at all.

Using a profiler, I found that actual SQL it tried to perform is UPDATE with some extra optimistic concurrency-looking checks:

UPDATE TOP(200) Table SET Field1 = @Field1 WHERE (Id = @Param1) AND … (Field2 LIKE @Param2)

Now, @Param2 was a 10KB text which lived nicely in a ntext column, except LIKE pattern cannot be longer than  8,000 bytes according to the documentation!

Good work, SSMS 🙂